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The Mexican Box, 2013 (ongoing)

I went to Mexico last year.

Doing my stay in the country I found a box of original photographs from the archives of a no longer existing magazine at the almost endless 'La Lagunilla market' in Mexico City. All the many hundreds of images of renowned Mexicans seen in the pictures are documented with original and unique marks seen on the backside of each photographs with handwritings of their names, the date and photographer who took the photograph. In the project Ancient Shapes of Modern Voices I have selected portraits of named writers, artist, human rights activists and journalist photographed in everyday work situations in the period between start 1980s and end 1990s. The photographs seen in the collages are arranged like patterns that can be associated with pre-Hispanic structures, architectural shapes and decorations inspired from my four-month journey in Mexico.

‘The Box From La Lagunilla’ consists of about 2000 photographs, mostly in classic 10x15cm format and is the basis for a continued investigation into modern Mexican history.
The Box From La Lagunilla
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