Joachim Fleinert






        The Russian Suitcase / Novaya Zvezda
    The Mexican Box / Ancient Shapes of Modern Voices
    Time Fragility
    Reflective Memories



Joachim Fleinert, born 1984. Danish artist based in Copenhagen. His artworks have been exhibited among other places at venues and institutions such as Pingyao International Photo Festival (CN), The Hasselblad Center (SE), Fotografisk Center (DK) and The Photographers’ Gallery (UK). Of highlights can be mentioned, 2011 where he was awarded The Victor Fellowship due to his participation at New Nordic Photography at the Hasselblad Center in Gothenburg, a third prize award at The Bar-Tur Award in 2012 and featured in the British art magazine Aesthetica in 2014.

In his practice Joachim Fleinert mostly use found images that he as a part of his process combines with scanning, digital manipulation, the layering of multiple pictures to create a cohesive image or installations. With a focus on the postproduction Joachim positions his artwork between the old ways of shooting and presenting pictures that he uses to address the consumption and materiality of photographs as an object. With a physical approach in a digital age his artworks usually use the raw images he finds in arranged installations and collages of recognizable shapes and figures to explore broader historical, cultural, social or political themes.