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Danish Index of Tapestry X

Danish Index of Tapestry X, 2020

Tapestry, 288cm x 705cm
In 1990 the Danish artist Bjørn Nørgaard was commissioned to design the Queens Gobelins at Christiansborg Palace, the house of the Danish Parliament. The result was 17 Gobelins where 9 depict a chronologic representation of Danish history, from the Viking age and till the end 1900s. The Gobelins were given as a gift on Queen Margrethe II birthday in 2000.
Circulating events between late 1800s and the year of 2020 Danish Index of Tapestry X is a hybrid that uses photographs from people who witnessed the history and the heritage of the Danes. Seen with today’s eyes by using topics not mentioned in the originals, it questions the perception of Danish identity and how we wish history to be remembered


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Danish Index of Tapestry X  
Danish Index of Tapestry X